Art Memo Magazine, a vital extension of Art In Residence, embodies a
unique mission to make art writing more accessible to those outside the
traditional art world, with a focus on simplifying and demystifying art
discourse. By providing clear, engaging, and jargon-free art writing, Art
Memo Magazine aims to foster a deeper appreciation and
understanding of art among a broader audience.

This approach not only supports Art In Residence’s commitment to
community engagement and education but also extends the reach
beyond public art by making the art world more relatable and accessible
to individuals who may not have a background in art.

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Art Memo Magazine welcomes writers to pitch — interviews, studio visits

and exhibition reviews on an on-going contribution basis. 

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Art Memo Team

Nathaniel Ancheta, Co-Founder & Writer

Dave Martin, Co-Founder & Writer

Ashley Ouderkirk, Chief Editor & Writer

Zachary Jensen, Writer

Brian Sonia- Wallace, Writer

Kirsten Ihns, Writer

Cooper Johnson, Writer

Caroline Vasquez, Writer