Termites have arrived: Harry Dodge “Time-Eaters” review

In conjunction with the Made in LA 2014 exhibition, eating away at time, information, and language Harry Dodge presented “Time- Eaters” which follows the orientation of a freshly – minted human to earthly matters, both fleshly and phantasmagorical. A kinda monologue by an ambitious gendered guide delivers on one hand juxtapositions borrowing between wiki type entries on biology and science, ecanomic and philosophical pronouncements, practical advice, & sex instruction which allegorically comments directly on the internet, but not the internet as an entity but on the temporal qualities of accessibility to its information. standing in as a metaphor for the surfeit of information currently at our disposal as well as the time we take in downloading it. On the other hand it’s a comment on the artists process of becoming operating between monologue / dialogue and observer / active participator.

check out the Q&A session by clicking the link below.