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2 monogrammatic shows, 2 historical exhibitions, and a familial notion at the California African American Museum

Each of the five exhibitions currently on view at the California African American Museum (CAAM, www.caamuseum.org) stands on its own, but it is the sum total that makes the trip to Exposition Park worthwhile. On the whole, it’s intellectually, emotionally, historically, and contemporarily engaging. There’s a lot to see, but it’s digestible and not as …

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A Journey That Absolutely Was

“All meaning accrues in duration.” -Ken Burns* Memory, nostalgia, duration, rhythm, repetition — time. A Journey That Wasn’t purports to show works of contemporary art that “[consider] complex representations of time.” It’s a pretty open brief, but one that allows for an unexpected and playful grouping of works from in and around the vast Broad collection. …

California brewed: Mary Heilmann and Larry Bell at Hauser & Wirth LA

  Two artists on view now at Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles are Larry Bell (“Complete Cubes”) and Mary Heilmann (“Memory Remix”). Two artists that are, as Randy Kennedy Says, “deeply, organically, California brewed.” It’s hard to say exactly what that means, but it’s easy to see it in the work. This California ethos may …

Pun intended: Adam McEwen’s Nighthorses at Gagosian Beverly Hills

We begin in a room with a phosphorescent resin cast of a sheet of 4’ x 8’ plywood with a large funnel resting on it, cast from solid graphite. The sheet is resting on a sphere (also of graphite) giving it a slight curve from one end to the other. On the walls, mundane objects …

Light and Space and Reality

The space is cavernous. The machinations at work creating the abstract play of light, shadow, and geometric shapes on the enormous floor-to-ceiling screen on the opposite end of the room are not readily apparent. The sound betrays only the occasional hint of having been designed – a chorus of construction sounds, piano strings, ratchets, and …

Bourgeois. Brătescu. Bradford.

Hauser + Wirth Los Angeles opens three new exhibitions – Louise Bourgeois | The Red Sky; Greta Brătescu | The Leaps of Aesop; and Mark Bradford | New Works. Besides their conveniently alliterative surnames, each of the three artists’ practices can be described as working through personal narratives that echo in larger historical milieu. And, …

Robert Irwin: Site Determined @ CSULB

“The work of art is above all a process of creation” -Paul Klee Architectural sketches and models take center stage in Robert Irwin: Site Determined exhibition at the University Art Museum at CSULB. This is the first exhibition that explores four decades of the artist’s outdoor projects through drawings and models. Starting with his first …

A cold night on a “Hot Flat”

The Exhibition “Hot Flat” curated by Jeanne Dreskin & Santi Vernetti presents artists Michael Cataldi, Abigail Collins, Gelare Khoshgozaan, Fleurette West, and Richard Wheeler at the Angeles Gate Cultural Center takes as is jumping off point Himmelb(l)au’s architectural project called Hot Flat.

Mike Kelly: Kandor 1999-2011 @ Hauser Wirth

Mike Kelley’s exhibition Kandors 1999 – 2011 at Hauser Wirth Los Angeles explores the spatial memory, relative to architecture and fantasy. Themes that Mike has been exploring in his earlier work such as ‘Educational Complex’ (1995).

Takesada Matsutani performance @ Hauser & Wirth

A long sheet of paper stretches out across the South gallery floor of Hauser & Wirth. It is itself, a thick white line. At one end are a bucket of black house paint, vinyl glue, a large squeegee, and Takesada Matsutani…

Jason Rhoades: Installations, 1994-2006

“It’s a pile of stuff.” Thus Paul McCarthy characterizes the reaction to the work of Jason Rhoades in the mid 90’s Los Angeles. Though Rhoades lived and worked in Los Angeles his entire career, many of his exhibitions were exported to Europe for exhibition. The problem, McCarthy continues, is that they couldn’t see the process, …

“A Rose By Any Other Material Language…”

Two shows open at Hauser With & Schimmel this weekend, ‘Schwitters Miró Arp’ and ‘Isa Gengken. I Love Michael Asher’ both center on artists exploring various material languages to deal with worlds in upheaval.

There is a New Kid on the Block: Hauser Wirth & Schimmel

As the velvet ropes parted on the highly anticipated international gallery Hauser Wirth & Schimmel staked its claim in the Downtown Arts District in LA. Announcing it’s self with a hand on there chest “We are the 1st Art Center in Los Angeles” Marking themselves the epicenter for artistic production.

UH-OH: Frances Stark 1991 – 2015 at the Hammer

A key figure in the Los Angeles art community, UH-OH: Frances Stark 1991-2015 will be the most comprehensive midcareer survey of the work of the Los Angeles–based artist and writer to date, featuring 125 drawings, collages, paintings, and video installations.

The Day is Upon Us! Welcome to the Broad

The wait is over. After a 15-month delay, ballooning costs, and lawsuits, the Broad Museum is finally set to open this Sunday in downtown Los Angeles. The new 120,000 square foot institution houses the postwar and contemporary art collection of Eli and Edythe Broad.

Observation of “An Elongated Now” – Performance piece by Lita Albuquerque

Many to gather to join the spectacle with little or no awareness and understanding of the spectacle. Motivations blurred, expectations none, anxiety high. Participants gather in waiting patiently. More gather on the steps creating a blanket of white glimmering as the sun hits the purity of their clothing.

Termites have arrived: Harry Dodge “Time-Eaters” review

In conjunction with the Made in LA 2014 exhibition, eating away at time, information, and language Harry Dodge presented “Time- Eaters” which follows the orientation of a freshly – minted human to earthly matters, both fleshly and phantasmagorical.

Remote View: “CLEAR” at Gagosian

On the vacuum side of Rodeo’s looking glass, where monthly rag ad wings melt Medusa exposures back into snaking volumes, luxury habits alight stork-prized. With vertiginous tip-toes anchoring still life into breathless flatline, the lithe disporportions angle all akimbo, as if paper doll reflections from the outside might measure eyes and purge sizing altogether.

Mike Kelly Retrospective at MOCA

Banners on buses advertisements on streetlights flooded the city of LA to welcome the most extensive retrospective exhibition of Mike Kelly. This highly anticipated and deeply emotional exhibition which opened March 31st and runs till July 28th is an overwhelming retrospective spanning from his early drawings pre Grad School to “Homestead” a public art project that hosts …

Alex Katz @ 365 Mission

A flat plane can convey much more than its one-dimensional nature suggests. Alex Katz’s paintings, flatly rendered devoid of much context, bring out strange clarity in spite of their restraint. Particularly showcased in his exhibition of flower paintings set at 365 Mission. In a vast gallery with high, vaulted ceilings the large scale paintings were situated comfortably allowing a viewer to sit with any particular piece.


I recently got to attend the Made in L.A 2014 show and as to be expected it was a boiling pot of L.A. brewed and influenced artists. Upon entering the Hammer Museum it immediately felt like a giant Grad School exhibition L.A. being the institution. Rooms with large framed works formed tight grids while large …